About d|part

d|part is a non-profit, independent and non-partisan Think Tank. Our aim is to research and support different forms of political participation. Our research projects build the foundation for empirically sound statements about the state of political participation in Germany and Europe. We want to contribute creatively to the public discussion of this topic as an important component of a democratic civic society.

The participation of citizens in the political process is the foundation of a functioning democracy. A legitimate and successful refinement of the community can not succeed without them. The state of political participation in Germany is increasingly discussed controversially. The decline in membership in the established parties, low turnout and emerging civil large protest are sometimes regarded even as symptoms of a crisis of democracy. At the same time new forms of political participation emerge, showing that the nature of the involvement of citizens can change. New parties arise, the involvement of citizens in municipal procedures is increasingly institutionalized and the Internet offers a wealth of new opportunities for citizen involvement in policy decisions.

In the midst of these discussions and developments about the actual state of political participation are often speculation. Current research on the various dimensions of political participation are missing or are not taking in political practice and public discourse into account.

d | part has set itself the goal to introduce scientific principles and empirical findings in the debate and to promote informed dialogue between scientists, policy makers and citizens. Our research projects provide a basis for well-founded statements about the state of democratic participation in Germany and Europe. We want to creatively contribute to the public discussion of the issue of political participation as the most important component of a healthy democratic polity.